Our ties are entirely handmade using the best Italian silks from Como, and linings. We use a double lining in all our ties, this makes them more comfortable.

We have many models of ties, ranging from classic ties, special ties, pleated ties, patchwork ties, seven and eleven fold ties, diamond ties and many more!

'Special Ties'

Each season we present a line of exclusive ‘Special Ties’ designs. These statement designs contain up to 12 different colours and let you really show off your personality. The beautiful line of vibrant patterns are all printed on satin silk. The complex colour combinations make these ties wearable with any suit.

Pleated Ties

Our pleated ties come in a range of models. We have all-over pleat, 8-pleat, square pleat and wave pleat. Pleating the silk brings a whole new dimension of luxury to the ties. We only pleat the front main blade so that the comfort of wearing our ties is never compromised. The knot of the tie will remain flat so as not to bulk up and become uncomfortable. Pleated ties fuse elegance and style for the man who wants to stand out.

Patchwork Ties

Our patchwork products are our most prestigious. We produce ties, scarves and bow ties in patchwork. The tie and scarf are made of 110 and 198 individual pieces respectively. In order to make our patchwork it takes a lot of time and skill. We start by cutting individual pieces from 25 different designs, these are then layed out into a panel, making sure that no design is repeated in its vicinity. We then sew each piece together to make the panel, at this point we can finally start to make the tie or scarf. It is a very long process, the tie takes around 4 hours, but the final product is one of supreme quality and one of a kind. This all makes our patchwork products the epitome of luxury.

For products photos and details please email us at: info@silviofiorello.com