“Quality is never casual; its always the result of an intelligent effort”

John Ruskin

Love for quality of craftsmanship and materials

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano, this intimate spiritual relationship between mind and body, becomes the philosophy that Silvio Fiorello uses when creating its products.

The mens represents beauty, the visual impact that a client feels when seeing a product for the first time.  The corpore agglomerates the quality of craftsmanship and of materials used. The idea that mind and body can only flourish together is linked to the idea that the quality of materials can only be exalted by the quality of manufacturing.

‘The journey towards excellence is a journey that never ends’


All Silvio Fiorello products are exclusively handmade with sartorial techniques. Maximum attention is given to the small details and to the accomplishment of craftsmanship’s perfection.

Silvio Fiorello offers to its clients products that will accompany them and will make them feel happy, this is the beauty of fashion. Our company believes in continuing the Italian tradition of handmade and of the quality that derives from it.

“Beauty is mixing the finite and the infinite in equal proportions”


Love for beauty: The Products

The absolute love for beauty and art is a source of inspiration for the creation of Silvio Fiorello’s lines.

We have a wide range of ties that include classic ties, patchwork ties, full pleat ties, eight pleat ties, wave pleat ties, three pieces ties, seven and eleven fold ties, finishing with the Diamond tie which is our latest model. This wide variety of models can be seen in all our other lines, from bow ties to cummerbunds, to scarves, braces, boutonnieres and pocket squares.
Silvio Fiorello wants to surprise its clients by offering, season after season, something new and unique.

The main material that we use is Italian silk from Como. Our brand is growing by adding new lines that exalt its beauty: silk shirts, shoes covered in silk, silk pajamas, silk dressing gowns, silk slippers. Clients can personalize all our products, this is the beauty of handmade.